Alicia Keys Pregnant Again!



Alicia Keys took to Instagram on Thursday, to announce that she and Husband Swizz Beatz are expecting their second child together! It is super exciting that this Grammy winner is now expanding her lovely family with her husband of 4 years. However,  to a fashionista like myself the only question  that I am pondering is…what will she be wearing?! I am so impressed that she came out and just told her fans instead of acting as if people are not going to recognize it when her dress size happens to increase. Zoe Saldana and Eva Mendez (who is still denying she is pregnant) should take a page out of this singers book and just be happy and enjoy wearing maternity fashion for 10 months out of your life! Gesh!

I, for one, am absolutely excited that Hollywood is being infiltrated this year with phenomenal actresses and singers who are expecting; because I just can’t wait to see the great fashions that are going be worn to showcase the bundle of joy that will be growing inside!! CONGRATS!!!


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