Chrissy Teigen No Pants!!! We Don’t Need To See “All Of You” !


Apparently Chrissy Teigen, supermodel and wife of Singer/song writer John Legend, was trying to make a huge fashion statement…when I figure out what it was, I will get back to you! She is a style maven in my book and I can’t understand why she would break all fashion rules and walk down the streets of New York in nothing but a button down shirt and stylish knee-high Givenchy boots. My mother always told me to go out of the house looking as if you will be discovered by a modeling scout or if people will being seeing you for the first time! Although, if I looked like her, I might show myself off a bit too!

Chrissy Teigen is one of my favorite people to watch as far as fashion goes but your fans really don’t need to see, “All of You” (singing in my John Legend voice). Get back to what we love most about you…Your style and your ability to make anything look marvelous…even a button down shirt and Givenchy boots!

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