Sephora Now Makes Beauty Calls!!!


Sephora is definitely my top trendsetter today! I know the title of this article kind of through you (you know booty call…Beauty call), however, the concept is still the same when you think about it…When you are in dire need of a little something, something, you get on the phone and call someone you can trust because they usually assist you in this extreme situation. They come to your house, deliver a fantastic service and when they leave, you are exceedingly happy!  Sephora has tapped into that concept and just transferred the concept to BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!!

Sephora has launched the first ever, Same day beauty service in Manhattan New York!  So ladies if you have a makeup emergency all you have to do is dial :1-877-Sephora between 8am and 11am, choose Same Day Beauty Delivery service and your makeup will delivered between 12pm and 9m that same day ($50 minimum order, $15 delivery charge). Deliveries are made in a stylish black-and-white Sephora branded Mini Cooper to add a little bit of luxury and class to your delivery. Brooklyn Decker helped Sephora launch  this great new service, at their  Sephora Flat Iron location.

I am so excited about this new Beauty call service and my only regret is that I didn’t think of it first! Way to go Sephora!

Let me know ladies, Would you make a “Beauty Call” and have your makeup necessities delivered to your door?


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