Trending Tuesday! The Cocktail Pants!

 dress pants

The Holiday season is upon us and after the Thanksgiving festivities are over,  We are left with the rat race of endless4e4d4e37cd9d78219f678e9157142c9a parties and the countless social gatherings that are sure to test our wardrobe closet! Usually for holiday parties, I wear beautiful cocktail dresses that leave me looking stylish but, since I am from Chicago…I am often cold and uncomfortable!  I know the LBD is always reliable, stylish and considered a fashionista’s best friend.  Although, I am not breaking up with the Little Black Dress, this season, I have decided to explore my options and expand my fashion horizons…and well…look for some new trends. I decided to find other fashion pieces that can also be my “go to item” that…reliable piece that can get me out of any fashion jam and make me fashion ready for any holiday event… and I have found that in the Cocktail Pants!

This  new trend, will allow me to be stylish, comfortable and a trend setter this holiday season. They come in great fabrics and styles and because they separates, they allow me to create many different styles thus allowing me to get more wear out of them than I could get with the Little Black dress.



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